Why Use PlayMaker Pro ?

PlayMaker Pro users get two huge benefits. They save time by reusing your work. Most coaches can create more professional looking drawings with PlayMaker Pro than they can draw by hand.

Save Time

With PlayMaker Pro - you save time by reusing your work. There are several ways to do that.

Compared to hand drawing on paper, the elements of your PlayMaker Pro drawings are stored in digital documents that can be revised. If you decide to change something, you do just that instead of starting over from scratch. Next year, don't recreate your playbook, revise your existing PlayMaker playbook.

You can copy all or part of a drawing and paste or duplicate it somewhere else instead of recreating the same thing from scratch. Copy the common parts and then draw the parts that are unique.

Copy - Paste and Flip or Reverse plays to create mirror image plays instantly.

Build a list of templates in PlayMaker Pro's Library that you can use to create documents fast.

Professional Quality Playbook

Most people's printers can draw better than they can. Their printers can draw straighter lines and print text that is much more readable.

PlayMaker Pro is a drawing program, so you won't get pixelated output like you do from painting programs.

To draw a line, you click on points in the line, and PlayMaker connects the points for you. PlayMaker connects your points with straight lines, curves, or zig zag lines.

Since PlayMaker draws the lines for you, it prints lines that are as smooth as your printer can draw them. Text prints with very high quality as well.

Use color to add information to your drawings. Some coaches use standard colors for each player, so the player's can find themselves in a drill card faster.

Generous Licensing

Staff Licensing - Install it on multiple desktop computers, share it with the staff of one team. Windows and Macintosh.

Personal Licensing for Macintosh and iOS (iPad / iPhone) from Apple's App Stores. Software is copy protected and licensed to your Apple ID. Free software updates use Apple's normal software update process. Less expensive than Staff Licensing.

No Annual Fees.

Easy To Use

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Less than 1% of PlayMakers shipped are returned by the customer for any reason. It must be useful, and easy to use.

PlayMaker Pro draws 20 unique player symbols for you.

PlayMaker can draw scale size football fields, basketball courts, soccer fields or hockey fields (depending on the version).

PlayMaker knows who the offensive center is so it can reverse plays about the center.

PlayMaker knows the field goes in the background, and routes are drawn over players. No need to send objects to the front or back.


Lay out the page anyway that you want.

Create your own formation templates, using your terminology.

Draw playbooks in black & white or use color for presentations.

No Limits

Create as many PlayMaker documents as you want.

Create 1 or more pages in each document to organize your work.

Draw 1 or more plays per page, and lay them out however you like.

No extra modules to buy or less capable versions to upgrade from.

Football version draws full length football fields so you can diagram special teams plays.

Transportable Secure Documents

Your work is stored in PlayMaker Pro documents that you can share with other PlayMaker Pro users. Your documents are stored on your computer where you will always have access to them - even at your next job.

You control access to your documents.


You can present your drawings from your computer or iPad with a projector.

Battle Tested

Use What The Pros Use !

PlayMaker has been evolving since 1988 with feedback coming from coaches at all levels.

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