PlayMaker Pro for iOS - Support

The current version for PlayMaker Pro for iOS (iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch) is 2.2.0

Version 1.1 lets you change pages with a swipe of your finger instead of a button.

Version 1.3 adds animation, presentations with player notes and support for external displays (projectors).

Version 1.4 adds support for Canadian Football. You can attach a PlayMaker Pro document ending in ".fbd" to an E-Mail and send it to your iPad. Apple's Mail app will hand the PlayMaker Pro document off to PlayMaker Pro.

Version 2.0.0 adds printing and the ability to edit PlayMaker Pro documents on an iPad. 2.0.1 provides performance improvements while editing. Version 2.0.2 can send an EMail with a PlayMaker Pro document attached and has more performance improvents along with a 400% zoom. Version 2.0.5 has the iOS 7 look.

iOS version 5.1 is required on your iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch.

PlayMaker Pro for iOS is compatible with PlayMaker Pro Football for Macintosh version 4.1 or Windows version 4.0 or newer (American or Canadian). You'll get the best results from PlayMaker Pro Football for Macintosh version 4.6 or PlayMaker Pro Football for Windows version 4.5f or newer.

Version 2.2.0 is an update for iOS 8. You can also double tap on a player and a window pops up enabling you to change the letters for any player in a play.

PlayMaker Pro for iOS has 4 screens:

1. Lists the PlayMaker Pro documents on your device.

You can Edit this list to delete documents. iPad users who purchase editing can create documents here.

2. Lists the pages in a document - A Table of Contents.

If you use PlayMaker Pro's page title feature, the page titles will show here too. You can print a document using the Action button. iPad users can turn on page numbering, add, delete and change the order of pages. This example shows the pages in the PlayMaker Pro Directions document.

3. Displays a page in your document

Hold your device vertically to see an entire PlayMaker Pro page.

Hold your device horizontally to zoom in. Drag a finger across the screen to scroll, pinch to zoom. Swipe to flip from page to page.

Using the Action button, you can print the current page.

iPad users will see an Edit button that lets you edit a page's contents.

4. Edit a page

This screen is only available for iPad users. It will not save your work until you purchase page editing.

Tap on Scroll to enable scrolling with your finger, Tap on Freeze to use your finger to edit.

Zoom in to make your finger more accurate. Double tap or pinch to zoom. Get a stylus too.

Create new Players, Lines, Boxes and Text with the buttons at the bottom.

Use the Defaults button to set attributes for lines, boxes and text before you create them.

Use the Action botton to perform classic PlayMaker Pro functions like Select, Align, Flip, Reverse, Enlarge, Set Player Size, Rotate Players.

Tap and hold on players, lines, boxes and text to display or change their attributes.

PlayMaker Pro documents can be transferred to an iOS device using iTunes. To accomplish this:

Attach your iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch to your Mac or Windows PC.

Start up iTunes.

Click on your device in the upper right hand corner of the iTunes Window.

Click on the Apps tab at the top of the iTunes window.

Scroll down to the bottom of the window and select PlayMaker Pro.

Drag and drop your PlayMaker Pro documents into the PlayMaker Pro Documents box on the right.

Click on Sync.

In PlayMaker Pro on the iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch, you might need to click on the Refresh button to refresh the document list. That button is in the upper left corner of the screen that shows which documents are on your iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch.

You can purchase PlayMaker Pro for iOS at Apple's App Store. Search for PlayMaker Pro.