PlayMaker Pro - Demonstration Videos

Several demonstration videos are available that show the features of desktop PlayMaker Pro for Macintosh and PlayMaker Pro for iPad and iPhone. The Macintosh version is shown because it uses less space in your browser than the Windows version.


The following 10 demonstration videos show just about every feature of PlayMaker Pro Football for Macintosh.

The desktop Windows version of PlayMaker Pro works essentially the same as the Macintosh version.

iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

The following demonstration videos show features unique to the iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch versions of PlayMaker Pro. The general concepts of documents, pages, players, lines, boxes and text and their attributes are the same as the desktop versions. iPad users new to PlayMaker Pro my benefit from watching the Desktop demos. To edit PlayMaker Pro documents, you'll need an iPad. A stylus may be helpful too.

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